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Air Conditioning Maintenance and Cleaning
Window Cleaning, Commercial Windows, Height Access
Commercial, Warehouse, Unit, Office Cleaning
Refrigeration Maintenance, Refrigeration Deep Clean, Case Cleaning

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Whether as Contractor or Operator, TotalCare bridges the gap between technical industries and cleaning services. A Hygienist is trained in the theoretical principles surrounding the equipment and facilities in technical industries: Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Cleanroom, IT and Datacentres

How can you ensure the cleaning company you subcontract work too can deliver technically?

Industrial Customer


Whether as Contractor or Operator, TotalCare Hygiene Services Ltd supports each client needs with a cost-effective and professional maintenance services, across many technical industry sectors. 

TotalCares ethos is to bridge the gap between technical industries and facility & cleaning services. Our experts are trained in the theoretical principles surrounding capital equipment and facilities, to offer unrivalled front and backend service offerings. 

As an expert service provider, whatever your needs, TotalCare is confident in assisting its clients in building strong reputations which feeds into long-lasting relationships. 

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Many office and retail cleaning contracts change hands from one organisation to another. In many cases the original cleaning workforce remains intact; the only thing that changes is the t-shirt they wear. This is no guarantee that level and quality of service will improve.

How can you improve on the cleaning and hygiene standards within your organisation?‚Äč

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Commercial Customer
Commercial Customer
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