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Satisfying staff and customer expectations is fundamental to maintaining a successful business. However, the wider environment and community should also benefit from local businesses. 

TotalCare is engaged in working with local communities and charities to support them in a wide range of areas. Our chosen Charity is MS Society!

'The environment is important to us. We aim to use European Compliant and the safest chemical products available. We challenge ourselves to reduce CO2 emissions and reduce our company waste and paper use year on year.'

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Total 'CARES'

Good quality staff are the life blood of any organisation. We care about both our customers and staff. Those staff members who work hard are remunerated for their efforts. 

Living wage

We are proud to announce that we support the living wage. UK companies are committed in supporting their staff by lifting the quality of their lives through fair exchange of skill for salary.  

XTRA Mile - Reward scheme

Each month, every member of the service team is entered into the company reward scheme. This is designed to incentivise each team to give their best efforts. This is measured in four key areas:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Service Efficiency
  • Quality of Service
  • Go the XTRA Mile - how have they gone the Xtra Mile?

Based on customer feedback, efficiency and service quality, each member is entered into a reward scheme which is designed to encourage good work and customer satisfaction.

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Leadership and History


TotalCare is a privately-owned limited company, which began in 2001. For over 14 years, the company has gone from strength to strength. Its success is due to its key ethos: to place its customer at the centre of all its decision-making.. 

The company found its roots right at the bottom - its founder was a cleaner, who then progressed through various management positions, to a Director of a specialist cleaning chemical business. After this role, he went on to resurrect TotalCare and became a Director of this company. Once he had become an expert in his trade, learned to manage a team and, later, run a company, he revived the family business under the name TotalCare Hygiene Services Ltd. 

'WE employ Hygienists, not cleaners!'

There is a definite distinction between cleaners and hygienists.  

Hygienists are - 'specialists in the promotion of clean conditions for the preservation of system, facility and human health.'

Allocating specially trained Hygienists to every job offers the following benefits:

  • Identify opportunities to 'go the extra mile'
  • Focused 'on-the-job' tasks
  • Supervisor in each team - checks all work
  • Better final results
  • Satisfied customers
  • FirstTime, OneTime approach
  • Customer confidence - technical understanding of system, facility and human health

PAC Ideology

Good results need a solid foundation. Each team is made of 2-3 individuals. First, each are trained in all aspects of hygiene and then second, they are trained the theoretical practices of a wide range of industrial plant, commercial facilities and domestic applications.

Working in teams improves efficiency, offers better results and motivates the workforce to go the extra mile. Each member of every team works towards the same objective, but each individual brings their own unique skillset to the table.

TotalCare uses a 3-point ideology abbreviated as PAC:

  • Preparation - Good preparation leads to fast and effective service offering
  • Application - Each member is delegated an individual task - Best results!
  • Confirmation - Each job is checked and signed off by a designated supervisor in each team

Within every team there is a Supervisor, a Senior and a Trainee. This allows the flow of talent to filter up into internal management, to create an environment where everyone can progress. 

 'Our aim is to bridge the gap between cleaning services and technical industries'.