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​TotalCare works in partnership with the Texatherm cleaning system, which is a patented process combining a unique chemical technology with heat, agitation and reaction between two solutions. The process produces a capillary action which safely deep-wet-cleans carpets but also delivers all the benefits normally associated with dry cleaning systems. 

In addition to the most efficient fastest drying carpet cleaning method, TotalCare also uses Extraction. This cleaning method is used on heavily soiled carpets. 

Weather as one system or in combination, TotalCare has a carpet cleaning solution for all problems.

Case Study: IBIS, Reading, Cardiff, Thurrock, Brighton, Barking

With 1137 hotels worldwide, the IBIS chain within the Accor Group offers modern hotel at a budget price. Maintaining high standards associated with the groups other partner hotels, while satisfying client needs for cheaper price is a difficult objective. As a group (Accor), in the UK this chain boasts an annual average of 81% occupancy. Unoccupied rooms, especially within the budget hotel space is very costly. 

Just as with other hotels within the Accor Group, the IBIS Hotel outsources specialist services to professional businesses in the upkeep of their facilities in making them comfortable and clean for visitors of all types. Room turnaround and positive client feedback is key to maintaining a strong reputation.

TotalCare was able to bring its expertise in finding a schedule and quality that matches the hotels need to balance budgets and deliver on customer satisfaction. The results of which reduces unoccupied rooms, increases profitability and room turnaround. 

The Issue

Following a referral from the Novotel (sister company to IBIS), TotalCare was called to deliver the same service level to lift the standards left by previous vendors under the previous management team. Room carpets were left wet for up to 2-days after the clean; the result of which left clients unsatisfied, which resulted in complaints and refunds.

The Opportunity

TotalCare listened to the General Managers objectives and tailored its service offering to accommodate his needs. Once completing a deep clean across all public carpeted areas, a regular maintenance programme was created to keep-up standards to improve turnaround, occupancy levels and customer satisfaction. 


Following the success of this visit. The General Manager has been called to work at another IBIS Hotel, where TotalCare has been invited to continue servicing both Reading and Barking Hotels 

Carpets and upholstery beautify the living and working enviroment, as well as offer added benefits such as insulation and comfort. Keeping them clean is vital to prevent the spread of infection and diseases.

The human body sheds anything between 30,000 and two million skin cells every minute. These skin cells may contain up to four micro-organisms. Introduce these micro-organisms into warm, dark and damp (humid) environments, provide them with food such as proteins in the air, skin cells, food stuffs, dust/dirt and mites, then they begin to grow and multiply. ​

​Regular carpet cleaning can extend the life of the fabric, help maintain its form, and improve indoor air quality of any space. It is vital to use a method of cleaning which is designed to clean the dirt, kill the nasties and protect for the long-term. TotalCare has invested in the Texatherm solution: this is a fast and efficient cleaning method, both in application and design.

No Shrinkage. Stain Removal. Longer Life. No Discolouration. H&S Ready.

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Carpet & Upholstery

Case Study: Novotel: Reading
The Novotel has close to 400 hotels and resorts in 60 countries worldwide. It has well established itself as a mid-scale hotel brand within the Accor Hotels Group, typically slotting between Mercure and Pullman brands. As a group (Accor), in the UK this chain boasts an annual average of 81% occupancy.

Novotel outsources specialist services to professional businesses to in the upkeep of their facilities in making them comfortable and clean for visitors of all types. Room turnaround and positive client feedback is key to maintaining a strong hospitality brand.

TotalCare was able to introduce a new methodology and cleaning system to the hotel, which accommodated their needs with the benefits on increasing room availability, therefore resulting in additional profitability, without compromise on client satisfaction.

The Issue

Previously, General Manager and Head of House had relied on a different carpet cleaning providers, where carpets were left wet and rooms unable to be booked for up to 2 days after the clean. Premature bookings resulted in customer complaints due to wet or stained floors, which in turn ended up issuing client refunds.

The Opportunity

Having first understood what the businesses constraints were and what objectives the General Manager must achieve, TotalCare was able identify and create the right schedule and cleaning method which has resulted in a vastly improved room turnaround, occupancy levels, client satisfaction and profitability.

General Manager, Anne Dubruille commented:

"We were very happy with the results indeed. So thank you very much for this. I have also received the file with the photos and its very useful. We can really see the progress. Your method offers the best results at a great price "


Following the successful delivery in the cleaning schedule, General Manager ha made referrals to other Hotels within the Accor Group. The carpet cleaning continues to present day. 

Clean and Remove!

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