Air Conditioning Maintenance and Cleaning
Window Cleaning, Commercial Windows, Height Access

Maintaining a clean and tidy working environment offers a wide range of direct and indirect benefits; from general health and safety of staff and visitors to potential customers' - first impressions and brand image. 

Every business has a duty of care to ensure a happy and clean office space. TotalCare takes care of the day-to-day cleaning processes, so your staff can remain focused on other key assignments. 

We also cover post office refurbishment works!

Consistency. Hygienic Work Conditions. Cost-Effective. H&S Ready.


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Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning
Grounds, Maintenance, Landscaping
Commercial, Warehouse, Unit, Office Cleaning
Refrigeration Maintenance, Refrigeration Deep Clean, Case Cleaning
TotalCare's aim is to assist each business with making sure they remain compliant to Health and Safety legislations. We do this by offering an efficient and designated service, by a designated team of Hygienists. 

Common problems associated with office and retail environments include:

Staff sickness - sick building syndrome.
Possible spread of infections and diseases
Hazard to physical and mental health
Pest control
Customer expectations
Breeding ground for germs and pests
Tainted company brand Image

Many office and retail cleaning contracts change hands from one organisation to another. In many cases the original cleaning workforce remains intact; the only thing that changes is the t-shirt they wear. This is no guarantee that level and quality of service will improve.

TotalCare only appoints hygienists, who are directly employed and trained to our high standards.