​Common contaminants and complaints

  • Aesthetically unpleasing
  • Spread of possible infections
  • Dirt and dust build-up
  • Nasty odours
  • Breeding ground for insects
  • Distorted carpet form
  • Dust mites
  • PrinterInks deposits
  • Dirty ventilation & AC
  • Canteen food deposits 

Maintaining a clean and tidy working environment offers a wide range of direct and indirect benefits; from general health and safety of staff and visitors to potential customers' - first impressions and brand image. 

Every business has a duty of care to ensure a happy and clean office space. TotalCare takes care of the day-to-day cleaning processes, so your staff can remain focused on other key assignments. 

We also cover post office refurbishment works!

TotalCare's aim is to assist each business with making sure they remain compliant to Health and Safety legislations. We do this by offering an efficient and designated service, by a designated team of Hygienists. 

Common problems associated with office and retail environments include:

  • Staff sickness - sick building syndrome.
  • Possible spread of infections and diseases
  • Hazard to physical and mental health
  • Pest control
  • Customer expectations
  • Breeding ground for germs and pests
  • Painted company brand Image

Many office and retail cleaning contracts change hands from one organisation to another. In many cases the original cleaning workforce remains intact; the only thing that changes is the t-shirt they wear. This is no guarantee that level and quality of service will improve.

TotalCare only appoints hygienists, who are directly employed and trained to our high standards. 

TotalCare Hygiene Services utilises its expert hygienists who are trained in handling a wide array of problems associated with carpet and upholstery. Whether we are needed on a daily basis or in a moments notice, we aim to offer the service you expect. 

​We can provide:

Regular Office Cleaning

Office Refurb Cleaning

Carpet&Upholstery Cleaning


Gutter&Drain Clearing

IT&Comms Cleaning


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Carpets&Upholstery beautify the living and working enviroment, as well as offer added benefits such as insulation and comfort. 

The human body sheds anything between 30,000 and 2m skin cells every minute. These skin cells may contain up to 4 micro-organisms. Introduce these micro-organisms into warm dark and damp (humid) environments, provide them with food such as; proteins in the air, skin cells, food stuffs, dust/dirt and mites, then they begin to grow and multiply. 
Regular carpet cleaning can extend the life of the fabric, help maintain its form, improve indoor air-quality of any space. It is vital to use a method of cleaning which is designed to clean the dirt, kill the nasties and protect for the long-term. TotalCare has invested in the Texatherm solution, this is fast and efficient cleaning method, both in application and design. 

Key Services

Key Features of our Service

  • Daily, Weekly Cleaning regimes
  • Tailored Services to suit your needs
  • Designated team of Hygienists
  • Tidy and presentable workforce
  • Reduce spread of infections
  • Out of Hours Service
  • Highly efficient services
  • go the Xtra mile

TotalCare Hygiene Services is a leading specialist in Commercial Offices and Retail

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  • Mould Growth
  • Aesthetically unpleasing
  • Spread of possible infections
  • Dirt&Dust build-up