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​TotalCare adopts the best techniques and chemicals to ensure a completely grease free oven. Reaching those tough areas, such as the grill and behind the glass fronts, there isn't much we can't handle. 

Whether you want to prepare for dinner parties, annual celebrations or simply give your oven a freshen up, TotalCare offers you vital time back - Get us to do it!

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​Common Complaints and problems

  • Greasy Glass Fronts
  • Grease covered knobs and hobs
  • Nasty Smells caused by burnt food stuffs
  • Spread of possible cancerous compounds
  • Unpleasing to the eye
  • Change the taste of foods
  • Reduction in efficiency
  • Potential Fire hazard​

​TotalCare works in partnership with the Texatherm cleaning system, which is a patented process combining a unique chemical technology with heat, agitation and reaction between two solutions. The process produces a capillary action which safely deep-wet-cleans carpets but also delivers all the benefits normally associated with dry cleaning systems.


TotalCare Hygiene Services is a leading specialist in oven, hob and grease extract maintenance

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key features of service
     •  Dry in only 30 minutes
       •  Clean, disinfect and long-term protection
       •  Safe for use on wool carpets
       •  Guaranteed not to stretch, shrink or split seams
       •  Low moisture and low noise
       •  Up to 60% reduction in cleaning time
       •  Leaves no resoiling sticky residues
       •  pH neutral carpet on completion
       •  Extend the life of the carpet
​       •  Kill dust mites

Key Services

TotalCare Hygiene Services is a leading specialist in carpet and upholstery maintenance

Grease extracts may be a fire hazard. Solidified grease and burnt on food deposits, on surfaces thourghout the kitchen space  can potentially cause fires. The grease acts like a fuel and aids flames to spread. By keeping the oven, hob and extract clean can reduce the risk of fire hazards. 

Studies suggest that some burnt or charred foods, may contain cancer causing compounds. These compounds, found on burnt substances within an oven could be transferred to food. 

Efficiency - A clean oven will operate correctly, resulting in saving money, moe efficient when reaching the optimum temperature. Grease covered glass fronts may force people to prematurely open the oven, resulting in heat loss and deflated yorkshire puds!

Its a messy job, and most people have more important matters to attend too. So book an expert and enjoy vital time with your loved and friends and the reduction of risk to personal health.

key features of service
​     •  Specialist hygienist
       •  fully insured

       •  waste removal
       •  professional materials & equipment
       •  affordable service
       •  clean hard to reach areas
       •  No hidden costs
TotalCare Hygiene Services utilises its expert hygienists who are trained in handling a wide array of problems associated with carpet and upholstery. Whether we are needed on a daily basis or at a moments notice, we aim to offer the service you expect. 

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