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TotalCare Hygiene Services utilises its expert Hygienists who are trained in handling a wide array of problems associated with carpet and upholstery. Whether we are needed on a daily basis or at a moments notice, we aim to offer the service you expect. 

​We can provide:

Key Services

Evaporator coil disinfection

Condensate tray treatment

Condensate drain unblocking

Long-term protection


​Condenser cleaning

With every 1ºC increase in temperature, refrigeration energy costs increase up to 2-4%.  Such significant increases in cost are due to insulating dirt layers on heat exchanger coils. Energy consumption can rise by 37%
*ETSU Energy Technology Support Unit - Now AEA Energy & Environment

​If a layer of dirt forms, then the system will begin to work harder and for longer, which affects its operating efficiencies. The compressor will work harder for longer, internal Head Pressure rises, and small pinhole fractures in the pipe work begin to expand - resulting in leak points, higher energy consumption and component failure.

Both evaporator coils and condenser coils play different roles within a system, and for this reason they experience different problems:

Condenser coilsare the no.1 cause for refrigeration plant breakdown and increased running costs. Clean the coil regularly to minimise energy wastage, energy costs, system failure rates, HP alarms and callout fees.

Evaporator coilsare a breeding ground for bacteria and algae growth. The image (left) shows a common sight in retailer refrigeration equipment. Exopolysaccharide (bacterial slime) and algae form due to the perfect breeding conditions created by refrigeration equipment.


Common Problems 

  • Blocked condensate drains
  • Blocked condensate pumps
  • Water leaks
  • Potential client accidents
  • Frozen evaporator syndrome
  • Fan motor failures
  • Increased engineer call-out fees
  • Unsatisfied customers
  • Spread of disease
  • Flooded service areas
  • Compressor and component failure
  • Flooded surfaces

Technical Information

Safety Information

Maintenance Reports

Risk Assessments

Method Statements

On-Site consultations

Quick Select:

TotalCare works with market leading solution providers to treat refrigeration equipment from re-occurring bacterial and dirt problems. It is vital to use chemical solutions which are legally compliant, endorsed by the industry suppliers and are suitable for the application. 

Whether as Contractor or Operator,  TotalCare bridges the gap between technical industries and cleaning services. We train our staff as Hygienists, not cleaners. A Hygienist is also trained in the theoretical principles surrounding refrigeration plant as well as the correct solutions to overcome commonly associated problems. 


Key Features of Service

  • Designated team
  • Highly trained hygienists
  • Endorsed by industry firms
  • Fully insured
  • User of approved and safe products
  • 24hr response

TotalCare Hygiene Services is a leading specialist in refrigeration maintenance