​Common Contaminants

  • Acid Rain
  • Oxidisation
  • Salt Deposits
  • Cement Particles
  • Dust Particles
  • Mineral Deposits
  • Bird Excrement
  • Bug and Insect Nests
  • Airborne Greases
​TotalCare uses the latest technology in extendable pole window cleaning systems from PureFreedom. This allows our team to perform this service with limited risk to personal health, without worrying the client and while offering great quality.

TotalCare invests in marketing leading solutions to ensure the best possible results. 

TotalCare Hygiene Services utilises its expert Hygienists who are trained in handling a wide array of problems associated with window maintenance. Whether we are needed on a daily basis or at a moments notice, we aim to offer the service you expect. 

​We can provide:

Carpets&Upholstery beautify the living and working enviroment, as well as offer added benefits such as insulation and comfort. 

The human body sheds anything between 30,000 and 2m skin cells every minute. These skin cells may contain up to 4 micro-organisms. Introduce these micro-organisms into warm dark and damp (humid) environments, provide them with food such as; proteins in the air, skin cells, food stuffs, dust/dirt and mites, then they begin to grow and multiply. 
Regular carpet cleaning can extend the life of the fabric, help maintain its form, improve indoor air-quality of any space. It is vital to use a method of cleaning which is designed to clean the dirt, kill the nasties and protect for the long-term. TotalCare has invested in the Texatherm solution, this is fast and efficient cleaning method, both in application and design. 

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External and internal factors contribute to window efficiency. Dirt layers such as Airborne Pollutants, Hard Mineral deposits and Calcium salts can become stuck onto both indoor and outdoor window surfaces.

These dirt layers begin to have a negative effect on the window's ability to allow light and heat energy waves to pass through them.

Windows (like many materials) are naturally porous and absorb moisture and other contaminants into the glass itself. Windows can be exposed to:

  • Acid Rain
  • Oxidisation (metal frames and surrounds)
  • Rust
  • Salt (from roads and driveways)
  • Hard Minerals

Regular window cleaning (ideally 2xannually) offers many benefits: maximises on window performance, extends the life of the windows, prevents mould and fungus build-up and ensures a clear view to the outside.

  • Mould Growth
  • Aesthetically unpleasing
  • Spread of possible infections
  • Dirt&Dust build-up

Conservatory Windows

Casement Windows

Sash Windows

Tilt&Turn Windows

Dual Turn Windows

Office Windows

And many more...

Key Benefits of our Service

  • Increase heat efficiency
  • Brighten home and working environment
  • Marketable home - prepare for sale
  • Avoid degradation 
  • Lengthen window frame and pane life
  • Prevent long-term damage (pollutants)
  • Prevent mould build-up
  • Aesthetically pleasing