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Case Study: Advanced Engineering Ltd

Advanced began trading in 1982, originally servicing refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment. This award winning UK based manufacturer, now it employs circa 30 staff and exports maintenance products across 41 countries worldwide. Maintaining a strong brand both at home and abroad is important to this business, so keeping its house in order is equally important

TotalCare was able to bring a consistent service level to an already thriving UK based business. Taking the long-term and clearer view reflects both in its operations and internally management styles. 

The Issue

Advanced Engineering wanted a consistent service, both in frequency and service quality. Maintaining a clean and well maintained site feeds into its reputation to deliver on a global scale. Advanced customers expect the best standards and so to arrive at its production facility needs to match their expectations. 

The Opportunity

TotalCare was contacted by Advanced Engineering to construct a schedule which works for their needs. 



Following the successful delivery in the cleaning schedule, Advanced has been recognised by other businesses locally to also deliver on their window cleaning requirements. 

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External and internal factors contribute to window efficiency. Dirt layers such as Airborne Pollutants, Hard Mineral deposits and Calcium salts can become stuck onto both indoor and outdoor window surfaces.

These dirt layers begin to have a negative effect on the window's ability to allow light and heat energy waves to pass through them.

Windows (like many materials) are naturally porous and absorb moisture and other contaminants into the glass itself. Windows can be exposed to:

Acid Rain
Oxidisation (metal frames and surrounds)
Salt (from roads and driveways)
Hard Minerals

Regular window cleaning (ideally 2xannually) offers many benefits: maximises on window performance, extends the life of the windows, prevents mould and fungus build-up and ensures a clear view to the outside.

Whether a Commercial or Domestic client,  TotalCare uses traditional cleaning techniques to offer the best non-streak results. Cleaning both the frames and panes helps to prevent against long-term window and surround damage, while ensuring all the bugs and cobwebs remain at bay. Our Service Team is trained by industry experts of more then 15 years experience. ‚Äč

Case Study: Comfort Building Services

CBS was formed in 1976, which started life as a small maintenance firm working from a humble workshop in North-Hampshire. Over the past 40 years, the business has seen significant growth, where it has diversified its service portfolio to a comprehensive facility management offering, including: Heating, Ventilation, Electrical, Plumbing, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning. It has grown a strong reputation over the past 4 decades resulting in strong and loyal client base. 

All partners have to live-up to CBS core ethos: 'High-quality, industry leading service and support'

TotalCare was able to utilize its expertise in supporting this business in the upkeep of its own facility. 


The Issue

Facility maintenance in-house is more difficult to stay on top of, for this reason professional service vendors are used to help CBS in maintaining a strong outward appearance, which reflects back on its reputation as a services business. Visitors to the site feel confident that the back operations are tidy and coherent with its core ethos. In assisting CBS in the upkeep of its operations, helps this 24/7 business to run freely without distruption.  

The Opportunity

This window cleaning schedule was passed to TotalCare due to a previous contractor failed to deliver a consistent service level. TotalCare reviewed the needs of the client and created a schedule round their requirement.


An agreed window cleaning schedule has been agreed.


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