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About Totalcare Hygiene Services Ltd

“TotalCare Hygiene Services Ltd” established in 2016, is a specialist commercial maintenance and cleaning services, focusing on industries including Retail, Leisure & Hospitality, HVAC - Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration. 

Based in Basingstoke, HampshireTotalcare Hygiene Services performs key facility functions across the south and midlands areas. Recognised for consistent service quality and tight deadline delivery by clients including: ACCOR, FATTAL, EPTA, Ryan Jaybergs, COOP, M&S, Waitrose, Tesco, COOP and more. 

Totalcare Hygiene Services Ltd employ technicians who are highly skilled and competent across the range of services we offer to meet and exceed customer expectations. Totalcare Hygiene Services Ltd specialist areas consist of: Refrigeration Case Cleaning, Heat Exchanger Maintenance, Adiabatic Descaling, Air Conditioning Maintenance, Commercial Carpet Cleaning and more.  


Service Literature

Perfect Maintenance Packages 

TotalCare continues to support its clients with vital maintenance services across both Hospitality and AC&R industry. We pride ourselves in contract delivery, both in scheduling and quality. Examples of our literature can be found below. 

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Quality Service Without Compromise

"We were very happy with the results indeed. So thank you very much for this. I have also received the file with the photos and its very useful. we can really see the progress. your method offers the best results at a great price!"

Anne, Novotel


TotalCare Hygiene Services Ltd completes on sight audit reports, complete with images, showing all tasks completed.  Each completed job report is forwarded onto our customers shortly after each job. The types of tasks we complete including the following: 


Air Conditioning Maintenance 

Evaporator (Indoor Units)

Studies suggest that poorly maintained Air Conditions & Refrigeration may increase energy consumption unto 36%. 


A Step-for-Step Breakdown of a TotalCare's Air Conditioning Maintenance Regime: 

  • Visual Inspection

    • Check System Condition - Fascia & Coil

    • Check System Unique Identifiers

    • Check Coil Condition

    • Check Drainage:-

      • Condensate Pump Operationally

      • Check Gravity Drains

    • Check Insulation, Copper & Fittings

  • Cleaning

    • Isolate Electric Supply

    • Remove Facia Housing & Grill

    • Remove Filter>Clean Air Filter

    • Clean & Disinfect Heat Exchanger Coil

    • Clean & Clear Condensate Pumps & Drains

    • Re-assemble AC Unit

  • Electrical & Controls

    • Check Cables

    • Test Electrical Components

    • Check System Operations & Controls

  • Leak Check - Using an Electronic Leak Detector

    • Check all Fittings, Coils and Joints for Possible Leak Points

    • Notify Clients of Refrigerant Loss Issues

    • Contain Leak Area

    • Repair Leak Area

    • Test Leak Area​

Condenser (Outdoor Units)

  • Visual Inspection

    • Check System Condition - Fascia & Coil

    • Check System Identifiers

    • Check Insulation & Pipe Condition

    • Check Drain Pans & Brackets

    • Check Operating System Pressures

  • Cleaning

    • Isolate Electric Supply​

    • Remove Necessary Housing Panels

    • Remove General Rubbish, Foliage, Pollen Deposits and etc. 

    • Apply Cleaning Solution

    • Using a Pressurised Hand Pump or Pressure Washer Rinse Cleaner Though Heat Exchanger Coil

    • Rinse with Water Post Cleaning

  • Electrical & Controls

    • Check Fans​

    • Check Cabling & Connections

    • Check Components inc. Filter Driers etc

    • Check System Operations

  • Leak Check - Using an Electronic Leak Detector

    • Check all Fittings, Coils and Joints for Possible Leak Points

    • Notify Clients of Refrigerant Loss Issues

    • Contain Leak Area

    • Repair Leak Area

    • Test Leak Area​

Refrigeration Case Cleaning

Evaporator (Indoor Units)


Case Cleaning Maintenance Guide: 

  • Visual Inspection

    • Check Faulty or Damaged Components or Parts​

    • Check General Condition

    • Check Drains/Pumps - Blockages

    • Check Condensate Collection Trays for Corrosion 

    • Check Evaporator Coils for Ice Build-up

    • Check For Water Leaks Under Case

  • SafeGuarding

    • Isolate Electrics

    • Leak Check

    • Secure Isolated Electrics

    • Set-up Safe Work Area Barriers

    • Set-up Equipment

  • Case Cleaning Preparations

    • Remove Shelves​

    • Remove Base Panels

    • Remove Back Panels

    • Remove Fan Assembly

  • Cleaning Procedures

    • Unblock Drains & Condensate Pumps

    • Remove Ice Build-up

    • Spray Disinfectant onto Surfaces: Panels, Trays, Heat Exchanger

    • Using a Pressure Washer, Remove Loosened Dirt from Surfaces

    • Wet/Dry Vac Remove Dirt & Debris

    • Wipe Tray & Surfaces

  • Repairs & Maintenance 

    • Leak Check Refrigeration Components, Joints & Fittings​

    • Check & Replace Probes

    • Check & Replace Valves

Condenser (Outdoor Units)

  • Visual Inspection (See Condensers AC)

  • Leak Check

  • Clean Coils

  • Check Electricals


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Maintenance

Carpet Cleaning Steps Broken Down For A Transparent Service Offering:

  • Visual Inspection

    • Check Carpet Condition

    • Check for Hazards - Slip & Trip

    • Carry Out Audit Report

  • Prepare Cleaning Environment

    • Remove/Move Furnishings

    • Set-up Equipment

    • Set-up Safe Cleaning Area

    • Identify Stains/Spots​

    • Select Cleaning Method

      • Extraction

      • Combination

      • ​Fast Drying

    • Begin Report

  • Carry Out Cleaning Procedure

    • Stain & Spot Treatments

      • ​​If Animal Fur is Present, Brush Carpets​

    • Vacuum Carpets

    • Clean Carpets w. Chosen Method

  • Reporting

    • Review Cleaned Area with Client

    • Complete On Site Audit Report

"I contacted TotalCare to assist me with the completion of a tight refrigeration maintenance schedule. This was a success. It is safe to say that I am very pleased with the results. They took ownership over their responsbility, allowing me to get on with my own important tasks. I will continue to use them and would happily recommend them."

Greg, Epta
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